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Enable Rapid Response to Digital Threats Targeting Your Brand

Online brand infringement diverts revenue away from your digital and physical products as well as erodes consumer trust over time. An effective brand protection program requires developing a global response to attacks on your brand that coordinates across organizations both inside and outside the company—all while aligning with a single source of truth.

Customers trust your brand, but threat actors can easily take advantage of that trust by defrauding consumers through phishing, malware, fake mobile apps and social profiles, and even counterfeit products. They can exploit corporate brands to fool executives and employees into releasing information about the company or downloading harmful malware that can ex-filtrate customer data and intellectual property.

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RiskIQ enhances your team’s anti-fraud initiatives while decreasing mean time to detection and mean time to remediation for digital threats that target your company, employees, and customers. It also enables rapid response to those threats so your team can prevent account takeover and resulting losses.

RiskIQ Digital Footprint automatically discovers all of your external-facing digital assets and inventories them—including new and previously unknown assets. The platform then continuously monitors your assets using our virtual user technology, so it interacts with them exactly as employees and customers do.


With RiskIQ:

  • Know every domain registered inside and outside your corporate registrar and the associated WHOIS contact
  • Lock down unauthorized mail servers
  • Address domain infringement that serves as a gateway for a range of abuse—counterfeit sites, phishing pages, and scam sites for fake jobs, travel offers, software updates, malware attacks, and spear phishing—and better understand threat actors’ range of activities, motives, and plans
  • Discover and take down fraudulent, unofficial, and official mobile applications in unauthorized stores
  • Easily identify unauthorized or fraudulent social media accounts impersonating your company, brand, and executives for nefarious purposes, including phishing
  • Detect phishing attacks against your customers at a scale and speed never available before. RiskIQ’s anti-phishing solution scans millions of emails from email abuse sources and separates phish from spam for faster remediation and blocking than any other provider
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