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Get the Forensic Data You Need When Faced With External Threats

As businesses adapt to the changing digital landscape, more customer and business operations are shifting from being behind the protection of firewalls to being available via the internet. Therefore, good investigations and forensics professionals know the value of accurate, actionable threat data, which enables them to accurately scope their forensic investigations, monitor digital assets for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), and provide recommendations to block future attacks.

But the problem lies in the vast amounts of data that exist, which needs to be sorted, classified, and monitored over time to provide the complete picture of your attackers and their evolving techniques. Security resources are spread thin, and with the number of alerts, events, and threats that exist today, it’s nearly impossible to prioritize them. Analysts and investigators need a solution that brings together the key data sets and leverages automation to keep pace with the shifting threat landscape to draw relevant and actionable conclusions to protect the business.

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RiskIQ in Action

Threat ResearchRiskIQ’s PassiveTotal® provides a single, aggregated platform of information to verify events and threats quickly. Investigators can quickly pivot between data sets like passive DNS, current and historical WHOIS, related hosts, related web trackers, and SSL certificates to dig deeper into threat infrastructure and see other related activities and assets. A project workflow organizes and groups related threat infrastructure components found during the investigation, which allows analysts and research teams to be more agile in their investigations.

RiskIQ leverages intelligent analytics to connect disparate elements of threat infrastructure like passive DNS, WHOIS, SSL certificates, and site metadata and so that analysts can rapidly triage and gain context to events and attackers.

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The platform allows threat researchers to set monitors on suspicious or potentially malicious infrastructure to be alerted to changes that could indicate weaponization or impending attack, allowing analysts and investigators to stay one step ahead of attackers

With RiskIQ:

  • Set alerts to be notified of changes to specific, targeted data that could indicate weaponization or compromise
  • Defend your internet-exposed digital assets from attackers
  • Proactively block malicious infrastructure that is related to known malicious organizations and actors
  • Set monitors on branded terms to be alerted on new infrastructure elements that may be targeting your brand
  • Understand your attacker’s real-time tactics to proactively block and mitigate their attack vectors
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