Solutions for Security Operations

Reduce Alert Fatigue, Increase Alert Fidelity

Filter and prioritize threats based on time-sensitivity and criticality

Today’s SOC is faced with a myriad of conflicting challenges, ranging from having adequate staffing to the use of automation and increasing the fidelity of alerts. SOCs face the primary question of whether they are getting all the right input to monitor, access and respond to events. You need to sift through a flood of alerts to quickly and accurately assess suspicious activity, exposures, and exploits, and their potential impact on your business, brand, employees, and customers. At the same time, you need all the data and tools to provide your team with full visibility into digital threats outside the firewall that are directly related to security issues and incidents within your firewall — as well as the means to effectively validate, triage, and mitigate these threats.

Is there an active attacker at work attacking you? Is there a live web page online that is part of a phishing scheme? Is there a back channel for command and control? Which connections might be to cybercrime infrastructure?

The SOC team may be trying to find threats among the billions of other pages on the internet, profiles on social media, or app stores. Trying to gain intelligence could require thousands of SOC analysts constantly searching the internet every minute of every single day and working in a fully integrated manner to “connect the dots” of a potential attack.

Every Minute, $858,153 is Lost to Cybercrime

Know Your True Digital Footprint to Uncover the Real Threats

Threats will never go away, so triage, manage, and address the real ones on your terms

With the number of attacks waged against organizations every day, security operations teams must be on high alert for any threats that are detected across their internal network, the web, social media, email, and mobile application ecosystems.

RiskIQ provides the most comprehensive data coverage of any major platform for monitoring and detecting threats outside the firewall across digital channels like web, mobile, and social.

RiskIQ adds tens of thousands of eyes and ears to your SOC by using intelligence from our virtual users to detect threats from all digital channels as they become operationalized. Our virtual users are fast, automated crawlers that visit web pages, social media profiles, and app stores that are indistinguishable from real users and don’t suffer the same limitations of other web and threat intelligence solutions. With this data, we store the entire chain of events–both what a real human user would see, as well as what’s happening under the hood in the browser–to unmask threats.

When we find something that is targeting your organization, we instantly create an event, can alert your SOC through email or SIEM alert, and allow for quick and easy triage and mitigation steps.

The RiskIQ interface is designed to present analysts with the data they need to assess and take action against a digital threat quickly by pre-researching the threat and providing the full context of intelligence to the security analyst:

  • A screenshot of the malicious page
  • The WHOIS record for the domain
  • The IP resolution and location of a website domain
  • The full document object model (DOM) of the page in question.
  • The time of the incident, browser type, and behavior that triggered malicious activity
  • Additional context about the domain, including blacklist association

RiskIQ helps you uncover threats that might otherwise go undetected.

RiskIQ Connects the Dots for You

Respond, triage, and mitigate threats based on an integrated view of the entire attack surface within a single platform using easy, actionable workflows

After identifying a digital threat against you, RiskIQ gives researchers the information and relevant context to automatically bridge the pieces of an investigation within the organization. Using data sets that include passive DNS resolutions, current and historical WHOIS information, SSL certificate information, as well as other web infrastructure components like analytics tracking codes, RiskIQ provides intelligent pivots and searches that can identify threat actors, as well as uncover additional infrastructure that they may use to conduct attacks.

RiskIQ also provides additional insight into SIEM alerts through our vast, always current intelligence of dangerous URLs, phishing pages, blacklisted hosts and domains, known malware hashes, and more, which are also accessible via the RiskIQ platform and API. This data improves prioritization and efficiency when investigating alerts, and allows teams to accurately address more alerts in less time, with more external intelligence and less false positives.

Using the information and intelligence provided by the RiskIQ platform, SOC analysts can collaborate, have full visibility based on intelligence of real attack infrastructure and activity, and work from the same platform to address modern digital threats outside the firewall.

Rackspace Accelerates External Digital Threat Investigation with RiskIQ PassiveTotal®

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