Third-Party Intelligence

Safeguard the enterprise from n-th degree risk.

Base Editor

RiskIQ Third-Party Intelligence reduces risks across your digital ecosystem with insights into risks and threats in others’ attack surfaces. Apply dynamic risk and reputation scoring for you, peers, partners, third-parties, industries, and technology dependencies—relevant intelligence to secure the extended enterprise.

See Every Relationship—Good and Bad

Quickly identify suspicious tools and systems with an overall score, including connections to attacker infrastructure—signaling the most critical third-party risks. Track and monitor third-party attack surfaces to unravel relationships with your digital supply chain, M&A partnerships, vendors, and other exploitable attack paths. Harness trillions of observations and machine learning to uncover threats missed by irrelevant open source intelligence (OSINT), blocklists, and network telemetry.

Dynamic Reputation Scoring

Real-World Observations

Live Intelligence for Your Whole Ecosystem

Extend visibility to the global attack surface—you and others, good and bad, attackers and adversaries, third-parties, and geopolitical digital footprints. Identify attack surface risks for thousands of organizations and institutions, partners, peers, vendors, and anyone else on the internet. Drill into any organization to get complete, relevant visibility to find and eliminate risk on-demand.

Tailored Risk Dashboards

Active Third-Party Portfolio

Deep Discovery Enables Smarter Defenses

See the composition of your third-party risks within their reality-based attack surface. Improve decisions and reduce uncertainty with your personal third-party dependencies. RiskIQ Third-Party Intelligence gives you a layered view of risk in your digital supply chain using precise indicators of exposure across IP and non-IP resources, hosts and host pairs, apps, pages, ports, data, netflow, content, components, and code. Empower every layer of global defense with airtight protections against third-party risks, in near real-time.

Automated Detection

Continuous Discovery

“Be Brilliant. RiskIQ Illuminate.”

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