Vulnerability Intelligence

Pinpoint exposures and risks across your digital footprint

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The Challenge

Digital dependencies continue to expand, grow, and evolve. Today, almost every organization is packed with exposures hidden throughout the global attack surface. Nearly infinite attacker targets, new vulnerabilities, exposures, and exploitations give adversaries easy leverage to deploy campaigns worldwide. And with the rise of global-scale attacks—orchestrated by multiple threat groups and tailored for digital enterprises—security teams need to mitigate vulnerabilities for themselves, third parties, partners, controlled and uncontrolled apps, and services within and between every relationship in the digital supply chain.

The Solution

RiskIQ Vulnerability Intelligence unifies security and risk teams across all disciplines with ease and simplicity: from threat analysts to vulnerability specialists to third-party risk teams. Instantly identify vulnerabilities and exposures related to any product, vendor, device, service, or app anywhere on-demand. Classify and prioritize vulnerabilities with continuous, adaptive scoring based on real-world exploits for your reality-based attack surface without the cost of high-priced scanning. Keep pace with digital growth with automated discovery to find and mitigate exposures before they become exploits.

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Extend Vulnerability Management

Automated discovery quickly uncovers hidden vulnerabilities throughout every layer of your organization’s internet attack surface—frameworks, contents, pages, components, and code—with factful observations from the real world. Stay ahead of early-stage vulnerabilities and speed up remediation with risk-based priorities for what’s relevant to your evolving attack surface—moment by moment and on-demand. Prevent downtime and wasted effort by focusing on exposures that affect you and the rest of your digital footprint.

Prioritize Risk and Monitor for Resilience

RiskIQ Illuminate is powered by 10+ years of direct internet observations, i.e.,real-world risk in the real-world global attack surface. RiskIQ combines this unmatched telemetry with deep machine learning and human security expertise to rapidly contextualize digital risks and relevant cyber threats. This unique view enables your team to quickly see your internet attack surface from every angle so you can prioritize what exposures are most critical.

Actionable Outcomes, Global Protection

Apply relevant insights to maximize the value of your ecosystem—people, processes, and technology—to mitigate risks, vulnerabilities, and exposures. Realize smarter defenses with elastic protection coverage, driven by the continuous discovery of the global risks and threats as they change. Extend vulnerability intelligence to the global attack surface to mitigate today’s digital risk and threats and threats yet to be deployed.

“Be Brilliant. RiskIQ Illuminate.”

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