Cyber Threat Workshops

Special Edition: 2021 Year in Review

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Join this special edition of RiskIQ’s Cyber Threat Workshop year in review, where we look back on the ups and downs in security over the last year, including trends, attacks, and predictions for the future.

This end-of-year workshop features Brandon Dixon (co-founder of PassiveTotal) and Scott Woodgate from Microsoft.

The team discusses and examines how organizations transformed and adapted over the past 18 months, driven to accelerate digital change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also look at the state of cybercrime and economics of cyber criminality along with services to scale global attacks. Finally, we explore how these trends are impacting thousands of organizations dealing with hybrid workforces, ransomware, nation-state threats, and sprawling attack surfaces.

We conclude with a look forward to 2022 and what it means to build an elite security intelligence program to safeguard your organization from threats today and those yet to be deployed.

Hear from experts about the past year and find out how to get prepared for the future.

in 2021

  • Cybercrime Economy and Services
  • Nation-State Threats
  • Hybrid Workforce Security
  • Analyst and Researcher Insights

2021 Year-in

  • Nation-State Threats
  • Adversary Trends and Patterns
  • Global Scale Attacks and Digital Supply Chain
  • Threat Infrastructure and Digital Change

Actionable Insights
+ Adaptive Response

  • Creating Elite Threat Intelligence
  • Adapting to the Digital Era
  • Models, Frameworks, and Action Plans
  • Forecast for 2022 and Beyond


Attend and Learn:

  • The State of Cybercrime and a discussion about the cybercrime economy.
  • Nation-State Threats
  • Supply Chain and IOT Threats
  • Hybrid Workforce Security
  • Actionable Insight
  • Trends in attacks
  • Look back at past workshops