URL Security Intelligence


As security teams, anti-fraud, network and ad quality teams advance, they require more intelligence to instantly enrich data, incidents, alerts and regular defenses across the digital attack surface.  RiskIQ URL Security Intelligence provides direct, high volume access to our observations-based platform to quickly identify and unmask threats markers and indicators at-scale across: web, mobile or, digital advertisements.

Web User Simulation

URL Intelligence works to verify protections and mitigate specific exposures and threats by simulating the human-web experience to draw out malicious behavior and true, activity, in a web page or digital advertisement. Detecting malvertising, phishing, adware,  malware downloads (mal-advertising), mobile fraud and other behaviors based on user defined policy via a policy engine.. and quick strikes against users like drive-by downloads and even user-initiated malware.  URL Intelligence is configurable based on RiskIQ will demonstrate the human-web observations tied to attributes of common interfaces, geolocations, IP addresses, carriers and the combinations of operating systems, agents, extensions, and browsers to remove any digital hiding holes for threat actors cybercriminals known as cloaking.

RiskIQ Research

URL Intelligence is backed by our world-class Threat Research team. In addition to behavior-based detection, RiskIQ utilizes threat intelligence based on our visibility into Internet traffic, global threat landscape and deep knowledge of threat actor TTPs and IOCs. The Threat Research team is continuously tracking threats and unmasking the threat actor infrastructure used to launch future attacks. Learn more about our cutting edge research here: https://community.riskiq.com/research

Internet Facts

RiskIQ Security Intelligence data sets such as PassiveDNS, Host Pairs, Web Components and Newly Observed Infrastructure are powerful weapons to fight back against attackers by exposing the infrastructure attackers rely on to carry out attacks. URL Intelligence leverages these core datasets as part of our policy engine providing teams with the fine-grain detail needed to make a verdict or investigate deeper to confirm or dismiss incidents.

Mobile User Simulation

Probe deeper into mobile devices, apps, and interactions to see exposures related to connection statuses (cellular or WiFi), iOS, Android, Country/City, GPS coordinates and touch events that signal malicious or benign behavior. RiskIQ’s virtual users will directly interact with suspicious and routine mobile channels for targeting users and validate the realness of the threat actor themselves.

Adware and Malvertising Historical Data

URL Security Intelligence gives you access to observations-based insights based on direct facts from the internet as seen by RiskIQ while analyzing billions of requests each day going back 10 years. As attacks evolve and propagate outside of your network, RiskIQ behavioral analytics identifies cyber threats and provides customers with filtered lists of risky or known bad hosts, domains, IPs and URLs. This approach allows customers to leverage the vast scale of RiskIQ’s URL collection to build their own internal security and fraud models.

RiskIQ makes intelligence-driven security a reality. With relevant, actionable security intelligence, RiskIQ gives security teams a clear picture of the threats that matter to them, finely tuned to their requirements. Security teams can easily integrate RiskIQ security intelligence into their ecosystem—as a beacon for real-world observations and insights preventing attacks using historical data and reducing mean time to detection and response.