Digital Threat Management - Mitigating External Web, Social and Mobile Threats

Learn more about digital defense and security outside the firewall by watching Scott Gordon, CISSP and CMO of RiskIQ, put Digital Threat Management into perspective for CISOs during his keynote at a recent CIOsynergy event. Businesses today are in the throes of digital transformation and are seeking to leverage their online presences to enrich products, deepen customer relationships and boost their brand ecosystems. Cyber adversaries have gone digital too – taking advantage of organizations’ digital presences and brands. Today, phishing, malware, domain infringement, malvertising (the use of online ads to spread malware), ransomware, malicious mobile apps, brand abuse and fake social posts are all prominent. Threat actors are accelerating threats that exist outside a company’s perimeter defenses and affecting businesses, customers and brand perceptions. With more than 75% of enterprise security breaches due to external threat actors (Verizon DBR 2017), how can organizations apply intelligence and automation to augment digital defenses to meet the challenge of web, mobile and social threats.