PassiveTotal Thursday:
Can You Spot the Phish?

  • Speaker(s): Caroline Yoon, RiskIQ

Cyber threat actors build phishing websites impersonating legitimate companies so they can fool users into giving up account passwords and other sensitive information. These phishing pages run rampant across the web, but with the right data, these imposters can be easy to spot.

In this week’s PassiveTotal Thursday, we’ll look at a real-life phishing page impersonating Amazon, and compare its infrastructure to that of an official site. Knowing these differences, we’ll then show you how to spot the phish from the genuine.

Watch today to learn how to use RiskIQ PassiveTotal’s unique data sets and capabilities to:

  • Spot a suspicious/spoofed domain based on specific patterns and anomalies from the data inside PassiveTotal
  • Identify characteristics of a legitimate domain’s infrastructure
  • Recognize techniques cyber threat actors use to create a phishing page

Watch the Webinar