PassiveTotal Thursday:
Get Schooled on Phishing Attacks
on Public Universities

  • Speaker(s): Caroline Yoon, RiskIQ

When a malicious site is detected, analysts need to find out if it’s an isolated cyber attack or part of a more extensive campaign, with little time to spare.

In this segment of PassiveTotal Thursday, we’ll investigate a phishing page purporting to be a landing page from a well-known public university. We’ll find out if the page is part of a larger campaign and, if so, determine the scale of the cyber attack.

In this investigation, we set a timeline for the cyber attacks, pinpoint a motive, and find out that this phishing page was targeting just one of a long list of public universities.

Watch to learn:

  • Common patterns in infrastructure for legitimate sites vs. phish sites to triage quicker
  • How to investigate the scope of an attack or campaign
  • How to leverage PassiveTotal projects and monitoring for your investigations

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