PassiveTotal Thursday: Leveraging Cookies in Investigations

  • Speaker(s): Caroline Yoon

For thousands of users, PassiveTotal streamlines event investigation by intelligently consolidating and analyzing data from multiple data sources into a single pane of glass. The platform enables investigators to address a larger number of cyber threats in less time than the traditional manual processes. By consolidating numerous correlating data sets for analysts to easily pivot through, PassiveTotal saves them time to conduct more thorough research into IoCs.

Join RiskIQ’s Caroline Yoon to learn how to:

  • Leverage traditional and unique datasets to surface interesting data points and investigative leads
  • Pivot between data relationships to gain the offensive edge against an attacker by preventing their next move
  • Enrich investigations and correlate seemingly disparate cyber threat infrastructure to reveal the bigger picture
  • Improve the efficiency and efficacy of cyber threat research through various collaboration, alerting / monitoring, tagging and automation features.

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