The Three Pillars of a Digital Threat Management Program

  • Speaker(s): Joe Metzler, RiskIQ

Every day, global adversaries such as nation-states, hacktivists, and cyber criminals, ramp up the number of external threats hurled against us and our attack surface. More than 80% of the incidents that lead to data breaches come from external sources, almost half of which target unknown (and thus unmanaged) digital assets. When building out a comprehensive External Threat Management security program or fortifying your digital defense strategy, you need to answer three main questions:

  1. How are adversaries targeting my Enterprise Digital Footprint, my organization’s Internet-exposed attack surface?
  2. What are the common techniques these adversaries are using to target my organization and customers?
  3. How can I investigate these adversaries to uncover valuable information about their infrastructure so I can prevent repeat attacks?

In this webinar we cover:

  • The three pillars needed for a comprehensive threat management program
  • Why knowing your attack surface, potential external threats, and the path of an attacker is a one, two, three punch to adversaries
  • How you can enact this comprehensive security strategy

Joe Metzler HeadshotMeet the speaker:
Joe Metzler is a specialist in digital footprint discovery and analysis across the web, mobile app space, and social media as well as an expert in establishing external threat management within customer’s environments using RiskIQ.

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