Understanding and Taking Action on Risk Associated with your Digital Footprint

  • Speaker(s): Dustin Wilcox, 360Velocity | Vamsi Gullapalli, RiskIQ

Visualizing your organization’s complete digital attack surface—all the known, unknown, and rogue and phony digital assets across digital channels—is central to a robust and effective digital threat management (DTM) program. Having this complete picture also provides an understanding of vulnerabilities associated with those assets, and which should be prioritized highest (e.g., old vulnerabilities, which are the most often exploited, and new vulnerabilities like zero-days).

During its discovery process, RiskIQ’s Digital Footprint surveys the entire internet, looking for digital assets that belong to or are connected to you, across the web, social, and mobile channels. Register for our upcoming webinar with RiskIQ’s Digital Footprint Product Manager, Vamsi Gullapalli, where he discusses:

  • What is RiskIQ Digital Footprint?
  • Where it fits in your security stack
  • How it can improve your vulnerability and asset management processes by making them more complete and up-to-date
  • Real life uses cases from customers who have improved their security posture and digital threat management programs with RiskIQ

Also, you’ll hear from a RiskIQ customer and security chief on how he used Digital Footprint to improve his organization’s risk posture.

Speaker Bios

Dustin Wilcox – 360Velocity – Founding Partner & COO
Dustin Wilcox is Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer at 360Velocity, a leading accelerator for emerging information security technologies. To start 360Velocity, he left a long-time role as Vice-President and Chief Information Security Officer for Centene Corporation. He has over 24 years of experience in Information Security and Technology where he has held a wide variety of technical and strategic leadership positions and is an outspoken advocate in support of applied best practices in information security and data privacy.
Vamsi Gullapalli – RiskIQ – Product Manager
Vamsi Gullapalli has over seven years of product management experience and is currently a member of the RiskIQ Product Management team. He has spent the last few years focused on security and retail in both Australia and the United States. With a background in both CS and Economics, Vamsi is known for being a multi-disciplinary data-driven professional working between business and IT. Most recently, he has worked to define significant product releases, improving on RiskIQ’s award-winning platform and data.

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