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What’s New in PassiveTotal

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PassiveTotal is already the industry’s leading threat investigation platform, simplifying and accelerating event investigations for analysts and researchers around the world. The newly redesigned platform allows organizations to triage events and investigate incidents faster than ever before. The ever-expanding data provides new context to adversaries’ infrastructure and now includes deeper monitoring capabilities to be alerted to the changing threat landscape. We’re also introducing a new feature, projects, to group related infrastructure for easy reference, collaboration, and hand-offs between analysts or enforcement teams such as legal or brand protection.

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Don’t Miss a Thing: PassiveTotal Enhanced Monitor Support

Predict threats forming on the internet

Extensive Monitoring and Alerting

Get alerted to real-time changes across all our data sets, including DNS and domain resolution, WHOIS registration, and the appearance of other keywords of interest

Investigate infrastructure used to launch these attacks

New Design

We’ve introduced a slick, new UI that keeps critical information at your fingertips. Users can pivot between global data sets faster than ever, as well as refine queries via heatmap, timebar, and facets

Defend internet-exposed digital assets from attackers

Project Workflows

Intelligently group related infrastructure into projects, allowing for quick hand-off to other analysts or incident responders. Share projects with colleagues who may be investigating related threats or events

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